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Try it

I like this game. I’m terrible at scrambled words so this game starts off slow and build your way up to build your confidence and skill. 👍🏽👍🏽


It great but not the best words.

Won’t open

After the new update I can’t even get this game to open!

Wow. Desperate much?

False advertising. False advertising everywhere!

Do not get this app

This is a scam


Hi to the creator of I see one more ad of this DUM FUC game then I will start a beef with this cuz it is NOT AS ADVERTISED!! I HOPE THIS GAME GETS TAKEN DOWN


Can you quit playing that “impeach trump” ad? I’m not a trump supporter but it’s really annoying. I play a game for fun. I shouldn’t have to have a political agenda shoved down my throat. So if y’all could get rid of that add it’d be greatly appreciated

Way off

This game is nothing like the ad.

Not the same game as it is advertised as...

I was watching Dayshift at Freddy’s 3 when I saw game that had a stickman in it. You were supposed to repair the objects in a bedroom or a bathroom. Or wake up the guy because the was a burglar in his house. I’ve seen this game being advertised as a stickman game but, when you ACTUALLY go and play it. It is only a word finding game NOT a stickman game!

Not as I saw advertised

I saw that they took parts of a picture to make a word.This is nothing like that.It’s just making worse out of letters it Goliard you.Not really that fun.I was expecting more.0 stars

Terrible English

Not made me someone one speaks English as first language, absolute terrible choice of vocabulary. Words that are not even in the English dictionary...

Ad aware

Wait til after the election to play this one.

Word link

I have it two stars because in the adds there was going to be more games not just the matching game and the make the pitcher game. By Madison

Word Complexity

The words are too simple for too many stages.

No chance to get more points

I just updated my Word Link yesterday (10-13-18) & now when it says “Get 10X with video”, it just keeps spinning & being grayed out & it never gives me the chance to get 10X more points by watching a video. So the only option I have is to press “claim”, which only gives me 7 measly points instead of 70 points. Also, the game has stopped giving me the option to get free points by watching a video. I’m referring to the little diamonds on the middle right hand side that you press & then watch a video & then you receive extra points for watching said video. That’s just disappeared altogether. I am currently at level 1935. Please advise and/or fix this bug.

Too easy

Way too easy.......boring........


I thought this was the hidden word game. This is too easy


Needs to be more challenging

Ads are downright lying to you...

I never write reviews but it seemed necessary to point out that this game is nothing like the ads whatsoever

Great Game

Very Pleasing Games


Just got hooked!

Why I like this game

It challenges my mind to think!100 percent.Thank you😉


Would t open, just black screen. Did update and now still black screen. What the heck?? Also, some English words aren’t even recognized.

Games are awesome

When I started playing the game it got me into doing it more off then so I play it much of the time

Bugs out

Love playing it but it crashes constantly. Have the latest update and still crashes every time I play and mostly when I’m in free diamond mode. I watch the videos and it crashes before I get the diamonds. Still like it but wish they’d get the bugs out so I can enjoy it more.

Word Link

New game for me and I really enjoy it.

I just didn’t like it

I really wasn’t my thing, like many others it’s really not like the ads and I don’t like false advertising, I’m sorry but that is my opinion

Me gusta

Porque tiene palabras en inglés

Fun game

Love this game, fun, addictive and works without any flaws

from ammy puppy

this game should be for other kids to becuase this is like a learning game and it very fun to play but there should be a story our somthing in the bigening

Fun game, awful app

This is a fun game, but app itself stinks. I’ve had to delete and reinstall the multiple times. Not worth the trouble

Fun But...

Fun game app but a TON of ads





Bait and switch

This is the classic bait and switch. Advertise one thing and then hide that behind a pay wall or hours and hours of playing something totally different to unlock it. Scammy thing to do.

Trouble with starting game

I shut down the game 2 nights ago and it is stuck where I shut it off. It won’t come back on??? What do I do? It plays the same word game all the time where r the other games?? I like it but very frustrating!!

Far too many ads

There are far to many ads. Not enough of the photo puzzles which is why I joined. Very simple word puzzles. Not worth it. Eliminate the ads should be an option.

I’m not a fan

So I thought this game was going to be some awesome app by finding words in pictures and such. But after I downloaded it all you do is match letters to make words. Every 10 levels or so you get to do one of those cool levels shown in the ad but if you get three things wrong you don’t get to retry or anything. You have to go back to the connecting words. In my opinion this is very boring and I will not be requesting it to a friend anytime soon. Please fix this and give us the option to chose our activity!


Very fun. I love it. You should download it and give a try 👍🏻


False advertisement so so annoying

Not what you get

The ad I watched is not what I got on the download. False advertising if you ask me.

Bad advertisement

Was watching a total different game then what it was when I downloaded it.


Love it. Make sure you get to give more free hints. But i love the game so much. It’s very perfect except this small part❤️


Not what was advertised! I’d rather play the challenge games (which was advertised) than the main!!


Love the game but I appear to be stuck. I have gotten the correct words but the screen won’t go to the next words to solve. I’ve tried everything! Can anyone help?

To small of words

Words aren't challenging

Fun concept but freezes a lot

I love word games, so I was interested in this game because you could play different challenges to locate words. The biggest issue is that after a few levels, the game freezes . Also when I try to view the videos to earn more gems, it just shuts down & then I don’t get the gems.

This isn’t cool



Don’t download. The “cool” part of the game that they advertise is only about 5% of the game. You have to beat a whole bunch of other levels to even get to th cool stuff. Then that part is only speed round and only get to play it for about 30 seconds or so.

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