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too many ads

too many ads

It’s just basic

Thought the game was going to be more royshock (ink blot test) based,. It’s not but it’s okay I guess for every other word game , nothing special I give it a theee and of course now my phone’ll make me seem like a doofus.. great Apple is out to get us mu-hahahahaha !!!!

Literally not even the game it advertised

It is literally word soup with a mini game thing every 15 levels or so. Stupid. I would give negative stars if I could


Not the game advertised

Really fun

Keeps you on your toes.


I have had so much fun playing this game I could play it for hours and some times it is easy but sometimes it's hard so you should get it 😄.

No thanks.

The advertisements for this game LIE. It is just a regular word snake game "Word Cookies" or something. Everything is so easy and mediocre that it makes the whole game super BORING. This game also copied other games such as "Words in a Pic" and "Picture Maker".



Not as advertised

I saw an advertisement for this app where you moved pictures around to form a words and the game is nothing like that instead it is ad ridden and boring.


Great game

:( :( :( :(

This game is so boring,I thought it would be fun like in the advertisement but it Wasn’t I got to at least level 12 and I erased it because it never showed me what it had in the advertisement.

Fun but way too many ads

And ad after each level is a bit extreme. I would continue to play if the ads were after every 5 or so levels, but not after every single level.

Brain food

Great activity for the brain!!

Too many long ads

You know they are bad when they try to hide the close button from you or make it appear at different corners. There are just way too many ads for such a simple game. Makes you wonder what their intentions truly are. Erasing this off my iPhone 8.


I wasn’t planning on playing this game all the time but once I started I couldn’t stop.


Enjoying this. Not challenging but keeping me occupied!


This game is nothing like the ads. It’s all a lie don’t get it. You are pretty much just getting the app of scrabble.




I can’t stop playing!!!

It’s an ok game

This game is okay. It could be way better but if u have nothing to do and this is ur only game then I would play it! IT COULD BE BETTER!!!!


Liked playing this app but cannot log on it. When i tried to open the app my screen goes black nothing happens until it logs out. I really did enjoy playing this app but can’t play it. Shame will have to wait until they fix it and the app support page. No way to contact someone to fix this.

Its fun

Its very fun and im learning

It’s pretty good

It’s not what it’s like in the ad, but it’s not too bad. A lot of people are saying it’s bad, and I respect their opinion. Though, I think it’s not that bad. This app has tons of ads on YouTube and from the looks of it, it looks fun. But it’s not what I expected it to be.

Not what I thought it was

The games that you see on the ads, you have to get to a certain level to be able to play the SIDE games, yeah, side games, the games you see are not the actual game, you have to waste your time to get to the level to be able to play those games.

Brian dead

I thought my Brain was dead but this woke it up

I lllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it

I love it bacause it keeps me awake and oqupied

False advertising

I downloaded this game bcuz in the app advertisement, it showed a variety of bonus games and picture guessing games but as I’ve played, I’ve only gotten to play those bonus games about twice and I’m on level 300! I’m frustrated, I thought I was downloading a completely different kind of guessing game, it’s disappointing, they made it seem so fun but it’s repetitive and boring.

Word Link

This is very fun I’VE been playing for about thirty minutes now and I love this game/app 💖💖💖😊😊😊💖💖💖💜💜💜💜💜💖💖💖💖☺️💖💖💖

Are they freaking serious

The ads look like it’s a fun game so I go to the apple store and the APP ITS SELF says more games and stuff like that! I open the app and nothing just the word search game and a snake at the END of levels. They should get in trouble for setting people up for there stupid app😡😡



Let my boyfriend talk to me

This app is making my boyfriend ignore me 😂. I cant sue you. So Ill give you guys a one star.


It’s really fun and challenging for kids 9 and older hope you try out the game and u have fun too!!😋😋😋


This app was supposed to be a complete different game and I was totally disappointed to find that it was not the game I was trying to download

Not false advertisement

This game is not false advertisement you get games at certain levels although it would be nice to get the games a little more quick but other wise this game is great!!

Terrible advertising

I was scrolling through Snapchat when an ad for this popped up and I saw a cool mini game with a snake trying to dodge wrong words and hangman, but I downloaded it and you only get those mini games every 30 levels, just advertise it for what it is.

False advertising

Didn’t even download this game because there is SO much false advertising. Would give it 0 stars if I could. It bothers me that the game creators were either too stupid to advertise it correctly or too stupid to come up with a game that, when advertised correctly, people would actually buy. Either way, next time I see an ad for this I’m reporting it.

Great mind game

Sharpens mind


froze twice then never came back. uninstalled, reinstalled but started me all over. i had purchased no ads but nothing to restore this. i was on level396. not happy.

Too many advertisements

Great game but there are too many game advertisements.

Thank you for wasting my time!

At least I’m not the only one who has to wait for so long just to get something else to play.

Long ads ruined it :(

Really enjoyed until the most recent updates. I didn’t mind watching a full ad every now and again when I wanted to multiply my gems, but now there’s a 30 second ad in between every single level. I didn’t mind the quick 5 second ones, but I can’t play when I see more ads then I do of the actual game.

Not the same as the ad.

I hate it when ads are put out nothing like the game.


Too many ads to gain more coins for hints.


Advertisements for this game are false.


I downloaded the app for the image games and you have to get to level 40 plus.

Some annoyances

I hate how this app makes you swipe from letter to letter when creating words because a lot of times, it doesn’t recognize the swipe, making you get the word wrong and having to redo it more carefully. A lot of times you have to press down really hard to make it comprehend what you’re swiping. I also highly dislike how you can get bonus words in each round, but sometimes the game doesn’t recognize a real word as a bonus word. For example, you can have a group of three-letter words, and you may go through several three-letter bonus words before you figure out which one actually fits their blocks. I’m working on one of the puzzles right now that has several three-letter words, but when I tried “elf” it wouldn’t take it as part of the puzzle nor a bonus word. And I swear this game makes up some words! I also don’t like how you can’t select which box you’d like the hint to go in; it just goes in order from beginning to end. I didn’t realize how much I hated this app until sitting down to write this, but the fact I felt compelled to write a review in the first place should’ve told me something.


False advertisement and stupid. I don’t believe it really is 4.6 out of 5 😣

Great game

It’s a fun way to exercise your brain while passing time on your phone.

Good but...

Too many ads


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