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Word link

Word link is amazing makes time go by fast definitely recommend


I was playing and it went black.

Wrong app

Nothing like the app/preview it showed it was online


Look why not just put in minigames like in the ads you're game is a basic game but if you actually had mini games like the one you advertised it would be good but nope this app is trash

Extra words

It’s annoying that it chooses which “extra” words count or not. It’s either a word or it’s not.

The game isn't anything like it's ads

Not impressed

Word link

Great game for adults and kids

I don't usually write bad reviews but...

This game was nothing like it was advertised on multiple social media platforms. The advertisements show hangman and multiple other exciting games but in reality it's exactly like wordscapes. We already have too many games like this one so I wouldn't even waste your time trying it out

Your Snapchat ads are even the game

You need to change your ads they are nothing like the game you dicks

False Advertising

Not evening the same game as the adds, complete crap


I wanted to see death. There was no death


The ad is so different from the game itself. It looked fun because of the add, but when I got it, it was connecting the letters. To get more consumers, do an add that is actually apart of the game. Then they would not be disappointed that it is not a good game. They will know what to expect. But you did not do that. I read some reviews and a lot of them said they were deleting it. I think it is just because of the add. But the rest is good!

straight up bs.

on the wheel I stopped it and it landed on 100 diamonds, but it set it self back one and landed on watch a video for a hint. you can’t get 100 diamonds. They make it where it doesn’t allow you to. thumbs down 👎👎

Great game

Great game for passing time and using your mind lol

Misses words

This game misses so many words and penalized you for selecting some of the missing words. It doesn’t even recognize them as “extra” words. Good quality otherwise

Too Many Ads

Fun game and it challenges your mind, just way too many ads.


Your game is good


It’s not that exciting it’s pretty boring and there are way to many adds along with the game some of the words don’t make sense I don’t recommend playing this game.

False Advertising For Sure!!!!!!

This is nothing like the preview of the game!!!! Umm it was finding the right words I saw it on you insta and I deleting it!!!!!


So I was on Snapchat and I saw the ad for this app and it looked fun because of all the extra games like hangman, the shocking and others ones that look fun. So I got the app and kept playing till I was on level 101 so I could unlock all the games and when I did they were not even close to how they advertised it. Not even the worm mode was the same as they showed on Snapchat. And half of the games are wrong because they give multiple words that are right and the mole mode is stupid because I click on the right word and it says I got it wrong same with the tooth game unless I am playing it wrong I think this app is stupid and I do not like this stupid game AT ALL.


The game its self is not as fun as the adds make it out to be. I only downloaded it because of the hangman and the other fun adds it shows and they aren’t even on the game. :(

Overall Misleading

This game is advertised to be a fun game with a bunch of mini games. In REALITY, the game is this stupid word search you do over and over again to get to a mini game, playable one time, then on to more word searching, with extremely obscure words.

Best game

Cool game I totally recommend

Why you lying?

I’ve seen over 10 ads that go to this app. I’ve downloaded it before but it’s not like any of the ads me and everyone else seen! I don’t get why you have to lie to get downloads on that app! It’s awful and if you are reading this from the ads...THEY ARE NOT SUPPORTING THE GAMES THEY PUT ON THOSE ADS!

New thought

This game is actually really fun the advertisements are not fake you just have to beat so many levels to get to the more fun ones so there’s challenges to get to the challenging more fun ones! After taking a look around the app I found it out an it actually was fun trying to get to it especially since it got harder each level up 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Not like advertised

Nothing else needs to be said

Misadvertise... TISK TISK

I was on snap chat and saw an add! I thought this game looks pretty cool! So I swipe up to get the app! I download it! IT A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT GAME! Shame on you!


Nothing like the ad! I don’t think they know false advertisement is illegal!!

False Advertising

On instagram it looks like hangman. Yah nothing like that what so ever. And that was the only reason I downloaded it. I mean the actual game is ok but not even close to a s fun

False advertising

This game is nothing like the game I see in the ads

It’s so addictive

It’s so addictive I can’t stop playing this game

From NyTaja Phillip

This game is so fun and I am really having fun while playing it 💕💕


This game is really challenging and it’s good for my brain! Love the Game!

Not like the ad

The ad shows a stick man and when I downloaded it it’s nothing like that don’t waste your time in this...


This game like everyone else says, is nothing like it is advertised. It’s a total copy and rip off from all other word games. This is just a waste of space, I suggest downloading a game that is actually worth your time. Complete trash, I don’t even know why Instagram or any other people advertised this. Worst game ever it’s HORRIBLE.

Not like the Ads.

There aren’t enough mini games. I’ve been playing it for about a week and I’ve yet to come across the ones in advertisements and in the app previews. It’s boring unless you just need something to pass time which is why I gave it three stars.

Worst game

This game is a waste of time it’s super bad😡 do not download it

Don’t download

I first d enlisted it from the snapchat ads but found out that it’s nothing like it


Nothing like the ads on Snapchat I’m disappointed 😒🤮

Not like ad

The ad showed a whole different game


It’s nothing like the advertisements


This game keeps my mind sharp!

Not fair

On one level for a 3 letter word.... this game will not acknowledge “cob”. The very next level it is required to complete the level. Inconsistency of game play. ☹️

Not advertised right

I downloaded this game because of the repeated ads I saw on snap and other apps but when I downloaded it it was nothing like the ad

Really Fun Game

I just got the game and it’s so fun


Play more snake thing

Best game ever

This is the best game ever I can’t even believe that is free


This is the worst game ever. It is nothing like the ads.


False advertisement

Fun game

Makes me think a little

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